Sunday, 6 November 2011

Heloisa Primavera

Heloisa Primavera is Professor at the Masters Programme in Public Administration, School of Economics at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she conducts a Research and Development Project on Complementary Currencies and Social Economy. She is also the Founder of the Latin American Network on Solidarity Socioeconomy. While many of us know about the extraordinary events with alternative economics in Argentina during the economic crisis at the end of the last century, Heloisa was at the heart of this process. During the period 1995 – 2002, following failed monetary policies and the high rates of unemployment these caused, Argentina developed a vibrant local currency movement which included several million people. The financial and political crisis of December 2001 caused a chaotic situation that had an impact on these running 'barter networks' leading to their rapid decline. Heloisa will discuss the relationship between currency, solidarity economy and state power.

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